Travelling the world, painting and working on environmental conservation projects is my life. Although I have always had a love of travelling, it is only in the last 13 years when my sons started their own independent lives, that I have been truly a Nomad Artist. I have no home, but I set up my painting studio wherever I am.

My art studio on the deck in the Baja desert

The rain water catchment system we were building in a remote village in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Photo from one of the Turtle surveys I completed on Maui helping with identification of the green turtles their health and abundance. These photos are inspiration for my many turtle paintings.

Always hard to find the one house in the village with a metal roof that can be used for the rain water catchment system. Most of the Yasawa Island villages are still built of small dwellings with palm roofs.

Life as a Nomad Artist

I always carry sketchbooks, oil pastels, charcoal and graphite in my backpack so I can draw daily on boats, buses, trains and planes as I travel the world. When I am staying in a place for a while I roll out plastic on floors and walls and paint madly. My studio has been a palapa in Mexico, a house boat in Canada, a floating dock in Belize, a trailer in the Baja desert,a stone stable in France and a catamaran in the Mediterranean to mention a few!I spent many winters painting and helping with whale and turtle research in Maui. I have crewed on sailboats worldwide and I loved painting on a 42 foot catamaran as we sailed all over the Mediterranean for a summer. Enchanted by the sight of Bonifacio, Corsica from the sea, I managed to sketch it quickly with one hand while steering the boat into the harbour with the other. I also owned a small catamaran that was my floating art studio as I cruised alone down the east coast of the USA painting the wildlife surrounding me at my anchorage.


We were born before the wind……Smell the sea and feel the sky Let your soul and spirit fly into the mystic…..and……rock your gypsy soul”  ~ Van Morrison


I travelled around Canada, USA, Mexico and Central America in a van and a VW Camper bringing  my art studio with me. Recent winters have been spent in the Baja where I paint and help with conservation projects.  I return to British Columbia for  the summer months where I work as a marine naturalist with whale watching companies on Vancouver Island or the Gulf Islands and continue to paint.   I have always lived a creative life. I trained as a ballet dancer, then to art school in London, then moved into the music industry during the heyday of British rock music. This led to the film industry where I spent many years working as a location and production manager in the Vancouver and Whistler areas of Canada before heading to work in the Caribbean when my sons become independent. Apart from time at art school in London, mostly I am self taught, but have attended  art workshops with talented artists around the world.  Daily painting has given me thousands of hours of practice and each day I continue on my journey to become a better artist.  I also teach art to both adults and children whenever I am in a place for several months.  Do contact me if you are interested in have lots of fun with paint, playing, and embracing your creativity.