“Colour and I am one. I am a painter”   Paul Klee

Much of my art is inspired by my nomadic life traveling the world. Although I am inspired by all the wonders of the natural world I find I am often  circling back to paint wildlife. Animals are my muse – powerful shapes, ancient wisdom. When painting them, I work to find the character of the creature so that the soul of the portrait shines through.  I give them voice – “See Me, Feel Me, Hear Me” and in many cases “Protect Me”.  I use colour for its emotional impact, I do not try to make my subjects exactly life like, my camera does that. But to demonstrate the essence of the animal or place with an expressionistic style.  Exploring colour is part of my nature and a major component of my creative process. I start from a solid grasp of realism and then dare to pursue my own perspective. Often a large part of my painting is done with my hands deep into pots of creamy acrylic paint. I love the childlike feel of the paint running from my hands as I dance the colours across the canvas. My whole body is involved in the creation of my art, as I dance around the studio; hands, trowels, spatulas, house brushes and a variety of tools splashing a riot of colour onto the canvas. The energy that I create as I dance with the paint transfers to the canvas to give spirit and life to the work. Often I am laughing at the expressions and antics of the creatures in their natural environment, and I want my paintings to convey that joy and humour. They should bring smiles to you, the viewer’s face.  In a moment I want to grab your attention, say – “Watch, explore and wonder at the magical natural world“.