Born with a gypsy soul, my passion for art is twinned with a passion for environmental conservation, that compels me to both protect and paint the wonders of the natural world.

Volunteer Base, Yasawa Islands, Fiji

he rain water catchment system we were building in a remote village in the Yasawa Islands, Fiji

Photo from one of the Turtle surveys I completed on Maui helping with identification of the green turtles their health and abundance. These photos are inspiration for my many turtle paintings.

Always hard to find the one house in the village with a metal roof that can be used for the rain water catchment system. Most of the Yasawa Island villages are still built of small dwellings with palm roofs.

I hope that my art can give shape to this love of nature, to make it visible and comprehensible to others. I feel that artists can make a significant contribution to conservation by conveying the feeling and atmosphere of a scene that is quite unique.


10% of the sale of all my paintings is donated to conservation organizations in the country where the art was sold.  In Canada I support Pacific Wild organization in their efforts to protect the Great Bear Rainforest of the central British Columbia coast. In Mexico I support turtle conservation organizations, Wild Coast nature conservation and community development projects throughout the Baja.


My art reflects my commitment to ecology and preservation of nature.  I am an active member of many naturalist and conservation organizations world wide. I volunteer my time to many different conservation projects globally, and I donate my art for fundraising efforts for community development and marine sanctuaries.  These are mainly in the tropical world as I am a warm land lover with an aversion to cold winters!

In Fiji I helped build rain water catchment systems in the remote Yasawa Islands, taught at the school and developed marine sanctuaries.

In Hawaii I assisted with whale research, gave educational talks on whales, coral reefs, and turtles, and tagged green turtles. In Mexico I have assisted in whale shark and turtle research, and taught English in village schools.

In Panama the proceeds from the auction of my painting “Jelly Feast” is aiding the Kuna people of the San Blas Islands to set up turtle conservation projects in their communities.